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About Us

Remedy HCMS (Human Capital Management Solutions) is a recruitment software solutions provider. Our products are designed to work as stand alone or integrated solutions enabling recruitment businesses to select business critical modules on a pay as you go basis. Web based - our products not only deliver state of the art solutions but also afford the flexibility of working online anytime anywhere enabling recruiters to access all their data in real-time without the need to install any other software.

With distinct products covering front and back office each in a modular format, we are confident that we will fulfil your recruitment software needs.

Our online recruitment software Chameleon-i is our newest and most powerful addition to our product portfolio and offers the opportunity to sign up for life, with the first user license free, enabling you to completely evaluate the product before committing to further licenses or expenditure. To view the full product features click here.

The Time Genie is a fully automated on-line timesheet and invoicing system allowing the swift completion and submission of timesheets via the web or sms by Contractors, enabling Clients to authorise timesheets for payment and simultaneously producing automatic invoices to your Clients and Contractor invoices to you. This product can be used in conjunction with Chameleon-i as a stand alone product or integrated into your existing front office solution (subject to vendor agreement). With data feeds to all major accounting and payroll software (QuickBooks, Sage, etc) paper based temping and contracting will be a thing of the past. To view the full product features Click here.